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Saga Design specializes in the creation of full scale and lifelike silicone figures, all related accessories, and scenery design. Complementing the high level of detail and realism of the silicone figure, Saga Design’s ability to faithfully reproduce clothing, tools, jewelry, weapons and other props brings the moment to life, from significant historical events to scenes of everyday human endeavour. We believe that our scenery and set design expertise convincingly places the subject in context and presents a highly evocative portrayal of past and present culture.

Amongst other projects, Saga Design has created full size silicone figures and all period accessories for the Norwegian History Center in Avaldsnes,
a Viking Exhibition in the Faeroe Islands, the Reykjavik Maritime Museum and the Saga Museum in Reykjavik.

Experience has been gathered from many quarters to create these exhibits. The method used for the making of such silicone figures was developed by Ernst Backman, the owner of the Saga Museum and has subsequently been developed by his company, Saga Design.

All items are hand-crafted down to the smallest detail. Painstaking research has gone into making the lifelike historical figures as accurate as possible.
In order to achieve ultimate authenticity in items of clothing, weapons, and everyday objects, they have been constructed using traditional methods passed down through the ages. Thus, the weapons are specially handmade and the wool and linen articles handdyed.



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